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Frozen Dreams

"This track is super abstract and original with some simple synths laid over an extraordinary assortment. We've supported on our SC!"

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about us

"God created us to be creative, just as He created us out of the dust of the earth. The drive to create something new and different is the foundation of what inspires our music."


2018 has been a year of firsts. Elarian (pronounced ee-LAH-ree-in) first started creating music in 2018. Their first EP, 'Earth Dust', has just been released on 11/12/18! Some songs had already been released as singles but an additional song called 'Far Beyond' has been added to the EP to complete this freshman collection of original music.


Most Popular Songs

Frozen Dreams - Underwater - Open Your Eyes

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  • Released
    30 May'18

    Track Frozen Dreams (Radio Edit)

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  • Released
    15 Jul'18

    Track Underwater

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  • Released
    18 Aug'18

    Track Open Your Eyes

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  • Released
    08 May'18

    Track Earth Dust (IDM Remix)

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